by Paris Dixon

November 2004
ISBN: 1-59279-811-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Amber Quill Press
Trade Paperback

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This is a ‘paperback-only’ collection of six erotic stories that most definitely lives up to its title Savanna Steam. Each story takes place in the sultry, steamy background of Savanna, Georgia, and author Paris Dixon uses this to great advantage, making the reader ‘feel’ every ambience of sensual foray into the world of erotic fantasies.

Lechery for the Devil is first, a quick story that finds Cassandra at a nightclub, wishing her former lover Robert was still with her. She meets Jagger and they have a torrid encounter that will lead to a surprising ending that is most satisfying for them both.

King for a Day finds Mia Tate fantasizing about her houseguest Seth King --- a man she had once thought was her cousin until DNA proved otherwise. Now that Seth is back in her life, Mia is determined to make every erotic fantasy she’s had about him come true. Imagine her delight when she realizes that Seth is just as determined!

News at 11 has Tess Iverson and Jared Cox in the middle of a battle of wills as they’re both assigned to be co-anchors at a major network in Savanna. The sexual tension sizzles between them, heating up their airtime to a near combustible fire. When they finally get together --- they burn up the pages of this story!

Hot for Teacher is about erotic author Paige Gillette (aka Antionette Pope). She’s based her ultra-sexy hero in all her books on the teacher she had a crush on, the ‘man-that-got-away’, Vincent Martinelli. When she attends her ten-year high school reunion, she runs into Vincent and discovers that he had fantasies about her, too, those many years ago. Their mutual feelings blossom and turn to fire as they explore those fantasies-now-come-true.

Morning Ritual takes place on the beach, and readers are swept into a world of voyeurism that steams up the pages of this story. Ana and Beau come together like a bolt of lightening, and readers are left gasping by the end of this very erotic escapade.

Passion Knows No Boundaries is the last story, with a touch of the paranormal. Clarice Nash purchases an old plantation that reminds her of the old homes in ‘Gone with the Wind’. Observing strange happenings in the house, Clarice isn’t aware that across town Derek Lamont Ballantine is having erotic dreams that mimic the same ghostly-sensual experiences Clarice is going through --- at the same exact time on the clock. When the two finally meet it’s apparent that ‘fate’ has stepped in and that they’re destined to be together, through all life times.

These stories are all erotically-charged with sensual emotions and physical appeasements that scorch the pages. Fans of Erotica will not want to miss this collection!

Reviewed in April 2005 by Kari.

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