by Shari Anton

January 2005
ISBN: 0-446-61465-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

England, 1350

He is a mercenary, a man who lives by his sword drifting from battle to battle, he calls no place home. She is a high born lady, left widowed; she has sworn never to be at the mercy of another man! These two could never find true happiness together; it would be a disaster for both. An unlikely pair of lovers, in an interesting story with strong secondary characters, and a well spun plot gives us another splendid medieval romance written by Shari Anton in At Her Service.

Lady Joanna wants no part of men after being widowed, losing her cruel husband to the ravages of the plague that took so many lives in her small manor/village. With no other choice but to hire a mercenary to help catch the thieves that have been terrorizing her people - the last attack ending with her young daughter Ivy being seriously injured - Joanna sends her newly appointed and inexperienced Captain of the guard to find the one man who is a living legend among Englandís warriors, Logan Grimm.

Badly wounded due to his own carelessness in his last battle campaign, Logan Grimm sits in a London tavern. He is nursing his pride and his wounded leg with ale when the young Captain approaches him with an offer to help Lady Joanna and her people. None too keen on having to work for a widow - the last one he was in service to ended badly for Loganís purse and heart - Logan agrees anyway...just to assess the situation for them. He is in need of the money, and it will allow his leg to heal further in the meantime. Upon arriving at Lynwood Manor and finding it sparsely populated due to the death toll from the plague, Logan soon begins to bond with its survivors and canít help but be captivated by its Lady and her precocious daughter, Ivy, two key elements in convincing Logan to stay and help capture the thieves. However, Logan cannot get too close to strikingly beautiful and strong minded Joanna, or it will ruin his plans to return to active battle, for he is a mercenary and she a lady, and there is no way for this liaison to have a happy outcome for either of them - that is until they succumb to their mutual passions.

Reviewed in December 2004 by Bonnie.

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