by Metsy Hingle

November 2004
ISBN: 0-7783-2096-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

Tess Abbott is a top-notch television reporter in Washington D.C. When she receives an anonymous phone call telling her that a man had been murdered, instead of having committed suicide as she’s been told, she blows it off, at first. The man in question is her father, who has been in prison for the last 25 years for the murder of her mother. But why would he commit suicide when in a few weeks, he would have been a free man? She decides to take a leave of absence from her job and head to Grady Mississippi to investigate both murders, for her piece of mind. Her grandparents, who took care of her from the time of her mother’s murder, aren’t happy about the fact that Tess wants to investigate. Her grandfather, a U.S. Senator, is most vocal in his displeasure!

Spenser Reed is a free-lance newspaper reporter based in Jackson Mississippi, who has sworn to destroy Everett Caine. Caine is Mississippi’s lieutenant governor, who is running for governor. Spenser believes Caine is responsible for the death of his friend. When he discovers Tess is in Grady, his hometown, he heads home to check things out! He’s aware of the connection between Caine and Tess’s grandfather and he’s wondering why she’s in Grady. When he discovers her reasons for being there, he decides to help her, if she’ll let him because he received an anonymous phone call also!

Murder, attempted murder, arson, threats abound once Tess starts investigating. Who is behind all of this?? How far will they go to keep a 25-year-old secret? WHY?

Deadline by Metsy Hingle is a riveting romantic suspense with several twists and turns, along with a great romance with the sheriff and Tess’s “landlady”. The ending was a surprise, in a way! Spenser is a great hero, who while not looking for love, falls in a big way and he falls hard and Tess is a young woman who, by investigating the past, realizes that her father wasn’t the evil man she thought when she was younger. It was wonderful to see her “grow” and with Spenser’s help, discover that she, too, had been used all those years ago!

Reviewed in March 2005 by PamL.

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