by Reese Gabriel

December 2004
ISBN: 1-4199-0089-7
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All aid worker Kimberlee Breen wants to do is rescue her good friend Maria from the slave traders who captured her. In order to do this, she has to talk to the new Lavorian government, a crew of cruel tyrants who donít care about helping Maria, only helping themselves.

Edward Roarke, an American agent working in secret to start a countercoup, is not too happy to see the feisty Kimberlee making demands of the generals. Sheís going to ruin all his efforts to get insider knowledge of the Lavorian government. In order to stop her, he states that he can turn her into his sex slave effortlessly. The generals bet that Roarke canít turn the vivacious and strong-willed Kimberlee into a sex slave within a week. Roarke has to play their game or risk everything he is working towards: freedom, a new government, and a land not filled with political terror.

So begins the game between Kimberlee and Roarke, a bet that will take them to the heights of passion and beyond. Kimberlee doesnít want to be part of this bet, but Roarke finally convinces her that it is not just the only way to save Maria, but to save herself as well. Kimberleeís education is an in-depth look at the erotic arts of bondage, D/s, and anal and oral sex. Roarke is determined to break Kimís spirit down, but nothing or nobody conquers KimÖexcept, perhaps love.

Kimberleeís Keeper is a scorching read! Prepared to be taken on a journey of all kinds of amorous arts as Roarke systematically tries to break down Kimís defenses. Roarke is a military man who is used to his will being obeyed, and Kimís defiance is a challenge he canít resist, despite the circumstances that have thrown them together. This story isnít geared towards those who like sweet romances.

This is a red hot read that plumbs the depths of D/s relationships. It is, however, not at all raunchy or poorly written. Reese Gabriel creates a very erotic world filled with not only sex, but political intrigue, danger, and perhaps, even love. This is a highly recommended read for those interested in the BDSM genre. You wonít be able to put this thriller down.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Sarah.

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