by Joan Medlicot

March 2005
ISBN: 0-7434-8796-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Trade Paperback

Who are the three Mrs. Parkers?

Winifred Parker: She has never cared for the woman her son, Steven, married, Zoe. Winifred`s husband is dead, and his partners more or less kicked her out of the law firm. She also has been suffering with a middle ear condition. Its this condition which has forced Winifred to contact Zoe and strike a deal with her. She is on her way to Zoe’s place, which according to Winifred is way off the beaten path.

Zoe Parker: She misses her husband, Steven, even though he has been dead for a long time. Zoe is in serious financial trouble and is about to lose the family home. She has no steady income, and she owes back taxes. She was surprised when Winifred contacted her with the news of her medical condition. Zoe and Winifred struck a deal; Winifred can live with Zoe, if she in turns helps Zoe out financially, paying the back taxes, and taking care of the mortgage.

Neither one is sure if this arrangement will work, but they need each other. Will they overcome their dislike for each other?

Katie Parker: Zoe`s daughter, granddaughter of Winifred. She is coming home to heal after the death of her nine year old daughter, Laurie Ann. The day Laurie Ann was born, Katie`s husband gave Katie a choice: she leaves her daughter at the hospital and come home with him or she leaves the hospital with Laurie Ann and not him. Katie chose Laurie Ann; she did not love her daughter any less just because Laurie Ann had been born with birth defects. While taking care of her daughter without help from anyone, including her mother, Katie had not known what was happening with her mother, until it was too late.

Will Katie and Zoe become close again? Or will this arrangement tear them further apart? Will Winifred get to know her granddaughter? Or will Katie always be a reminder of her son?

Joan Medlicott has written another outstanding book. If you have read her Covington series, you most definitely will enjoy The Three Mrs. Parkers. This book should be on everyone`s To Be Read pile, at the top.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Pat.

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