by Debra Mullins

March 2005
ISBN: 0-06-056167-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Lady Caroline Ware cannot be touched. She doesn’t allow it! Sometimes, with sheer willpower, she permits her father, the Duke of Belvingham to lightly embrace her. Unable to escape the horrors that were inflicted on her from a kidnapping five years before, Caroline refuses to appear in social situations; she panicks when she tries! So, Caroline leads a lonely life heading towards spinsterhood. Then one dark night while traveling back home from the village, her coach is waylaid by highwaymen, and Caroline’s worst nightmare is about to repeat itself when she is on the verge of being attacked! Out of the dark like an avenging angel, comes recluse Rogan Hunt to her rescue. Caroline is grateful, and Rogan senses that there is more to this shy young woman then the outside beauty and poise she bears. The Duke, knowing he is dying sees an opportunity to make sure his precious daughter will remain safe once he is gone, and maybe right some past wrongs in the process by giving Hunt back his place in polite society. He asks Rogan to marry Caroline, and in exchange, all her money and her prized mare, Destiny, will come along with her. This is an offer any man couldn’t refuse, except one such as Hunt who carries a deep dark secret of his own.

Famed horse breeders, the Hunt family, have fallen on hard times. They have been forced to sell off their breeding stock and most of their family farmland; Rogan’s late wastrel father and scoundrel older brother have drunk away the family fortune and reputation. Rogan has inherited a small estate from an aunt and has decided to rebuild the family enterprise and name in the horse breeding trade, but he needs the mare Destiny he once owned and trained to do this. No matter how many offers and pleas he has made to the Duke of Belvingham, it has fallen on deaf ears, until the night he rescues the Duke’s daughter from the hands of would be kidnappers. Rogan possesses the family gift of being able to communicate one on one with horses, but along with it comes the family curse, a violent raging temper. Rogan can never love anyone without putting them in extreme jeopardy from himself! He tried to love once, but the results were disastrous leading to his love’s demise. The Duke has made him the offer of Lady Caroline’s hand in marriage along with her inheritance and the horse he so desperately needs to restart his business. Against his better judgment, Rogan agrees to marry Caroline and to protect her even at the risk of falling in love again. It is Caroline who stirs a passion in Rogan that goes above and beyond her fear, and his rage.

Award winning author Debra Mullins demonstrates once again in her newest story of passionate love, Just One Touch, why she is the expert at this genre that she is. With a well crafted story line and believable characters, complete with human flaws, she gives Rogan and Caroline a sensuous romance you will long remember.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Bonnie.

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