by Karen Whiddon

December 2004
ISBN: 0-505-52594-1
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Mass Market Paperback

Darkness walks the land threatening the very existence of the world. A small child can save both the enchanted citizens and the humans of earth so the prophecy claims. But first, that evil will have to face the mother.

Faerie princess Alanna may have conceived her son through an act of violence, yet it is pure love that bears him. She could love none more than her son. Under different circumstances her former betrothed, Darrick Tadhg, would have a place in her heart as well. Rather than reveal her shame Alanna abandoned Darrick at the altar the day of the wedding. As a result, he holds her in contempt. She believed she would never see him again. Then one horrible night, her son is taken from her. The Oracle informs Alanna that only Darrick can help her save Caradoc. Although it is the last thing she wants to do, if facing her former betrothed will return her son to her arms, then face him Alanna will.

Darrick Tadhg is not the same man Alanna cast aside nearly five years ago. Bitterness crept into his very soul during service in the battle for the Holy Land. He’d killed men and watched them die. Additionally, Darrick knew Alanna as a betrayer of hearts. Her sudden appearance and the announcement that she’d conceived a child by another man while she was betrothed to Darrick certainly proved no reason for him to assist her. Yet, once a heart has met its true soul mate, the strongest of walls cannot keep love away. Darrick’s warrior skills prove no match for love. Can he keep his mind on matters at hand while in the presence of the fae Alanna or will this journey to rescue her son and his mother reveal what has been hidden beneath the surface all this time?

Soul Magic is my first read by author Karen Whiddon. While I gathered the characters were introduced prior to this book, Soul Magic is a stand-alone read. Some readers will have issues with the misunderstandings involved between hero and heroine while others will feel comfort in the tried and true. What sets this book apart from the formulaic is the vivid imagery of the adventure which Ms. Whiddon uses to tell the tale. Her writing style is successful in drawing the reader into the story. Feel the heavy weight of the black magic that tries to destroy what is good the same as if you were standing beside Alanna and Darrick. Experience the joy as good overcomes evil. Step into a legend where dragon slaying is not always left up to the men.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Rho.

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