by Laura Castoro

March 2005
ISBN: 0-373-89514-3
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Trade Paperback

A New Lu by Laura Castoro is the story of Lu Nichols. Her life is supposed to be full of big changes. After more than twenty-five years she and husband, Jacob, have divorced. Her daughter, Dallas is on the brink of starting her own marriage, and her college age son Davin has a summer job away from home.

The change Lu is expecting is not the one she gets. Newly single, and almost fifty, she finds she is pregnant. Never in her life did she expect to be a single mother, and certainly not when she thought she was on the threshold of menopause. Suddenly people in her life have a lot to say about what she should and shouldnít do in regards to her pregnancy.

Lu doesnít take kindly to the advice most of her family and friends, and yes, even her boss, offers. She finds support in the most unlikely of places, an elderly neighbor, and an upstart young photographer at the magazine they both work at, and even a widowed doctor who first diagnosed her pregnancy, but is in reality a geriatric specialist.

A New Lu takes readers through the ups and downs of nine months of later-life pregnancy. I believe readers will cheer for Lu as she stands up for her right to deliver a baby that all testing indicates will be normal. The pregnancy changes more than Luís body, it changes her attitude towards life, and she begins to see this as a second chance to try the parenting whirlwind.

A New Lu takes readers right up to the delivery of the baby. There is a brief epilogue which is supposed to satisfy readers of what happens after. However, Iím left hoping for a sequel of life with a newborn.

If youíre looking for something to challenge your preferred reading genre with this summer A New Lu might be just the book. Itís a chick lit with an older heroine, and because of that Iím sure will appeal to a wide audience.

Reviewed in June 2005 by Sandi.

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