by Jaycee Clark

November 2004
ISBN: 1-58608-580-8
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This is more like a tough spy thriller for most of the story, except when it deals with the Kincaid family. That is when the romance comes to light.

Ian Kincaid drops out of his familyís life when his father insists he marry a neighboring familyís daughter. He refuses, as he feels he will only being used by her.

Most of the story then centres around politics and drug and porn rings in the city of Prague. Ian becomes Dimitri, a hired hitman who is really working for the CIA. Raven is hired to kill him by another underworld figure. She is also an undercover agent.

Raven, also known as Rori, becomes the romance in Ianís life as the story progresses. They definitely have great chemistry and given the dangerous situations they find themselves in repeatedly, the sexual chemistry is very hot.

There are so many plots and counter plots in this story, that you canít afford to let your mind wander or you lose the thread very quickly. This isnít necessarily a bad thing as the plotlines can be quite exciting at times.

The story isnít for the squeamish reader as it deals graphically with child porn from a very young age. Life too is dealt with quite cheaply at times and a lot of bodies litter the pages. If you like your romance gently then this book is not for you.

I like a romantic suspense novel and I enjoyed the story well enough. I would have liked it less complicated and while it was good to meet all Ianís various siblings and their families, I felt the story got a bit unbelievable at this point when he is determined to protect them all against a killer.

I give it four roses and give a thumbs up to Jaycee Clark as an author who can plot and invent good characters.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Mary.

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