by Melissa Amen

September 2004
ISBN: 1-4137-1990-2
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Trade Paperback

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Rebecca Collins is getting married to Ryan. However, she is worried about a curse which was put on her family over a century ago by a Medicine Man of the Sioux Tribe. The woman in the Collins family may marry, but the man they marry will die after a short time of marriage. In order to break this curse, she must go back in time to 1875 Minnesota.

Rebecca, Ryan, along with her sister, and a couple of friends, travel back in time to try to break the curse before its to late, along the way they meet some wonderful, interesting people. One of the people they meet is Little Deer, Rebecca’s ancestor. It was Little Deer’s father who put the spell on the family, during Little Deer’s marriage ceremony.

The townspeople suspect their town is haunted, they start seeing ghosts, which of course they are seeing Rebecca , Ryan and others. It does have some funny moments with the townspeople and their 'ghosts'.

Will they be successful in their journey? Or will the curse continue on has it has for generations of Collins?

This is Melissa Amen’s first published book, very well written, the characters are witty, charming, and sure to make the reader a believer of time travel.

Reviewed in November 2004 by Pat.

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