by Jo Ann Ferguson

October 2004
ISBN: 0-8217-7657-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

In The Perfect Bride, a severe fever brought on by a gunshot wound has left Lucian, the Earl of Wandersee, quite delirious. He is even unaware of his own actions when he stumbles into the Dunsworthy cottage. Feverish or not, he still cannot help but be aware of Bianca Dunsworthyís stunning beauty.

When Lucian arrives in the home that Bianca shares with her Aunt and her sister Primrose, Bianca canít help but notice him either, especially when he collapses literally on top of her. Lucianís lack of manners cannot be blamed solely on the fever though for when he recovers, he still behaves inappropriately by kissing and touching Bianca at every opportunity.

And even though Bianca secretly enjoys these improper affections, itís still no good at all, especially when Bianca has plans for Lucian to wed Primrose.

The Perfect Bride is a perfect beginning for the Dunsworthy Brides, a romantic regency trilogy from celebrated author Jo Ann Ferguson. Itís a thrilling romantic tale about two people who dare to underestimate the power of love. This story is one, which will undoubtedly go down in literary history as one of the best regency romances ever laid down in print.

The electrifying characters dance through the novelís sharp plot with an enthusiasm so strong that the reader cannot help but be a part of Fergusonís delightful literary ball. Lucian is a menace of the sweetest kind as he torments Bianca relentlessly while all the time trying to deny the truth of his own heart.

Biancaís fearless mission in honor of her dead brother only enlivens the story. This is one good time youíll definitely want to share with your friends.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Natasha.

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