by Molly Lemmons

April 2005
ISBN: 1-59088-488-X
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Kendra is a young, musically gifted woman who lives at home with her parents and siblings. She meets and falls in love with Keith who seems her ideal man.

This book focuses on family life in a deeply loving Christian home in 1950ís America. Kendra very much follows her belief in God, which has been given to her by her parents. She also believes that marriage is sacred and that Keith is of the same mind.

The story centers around Kendraís love for Keith, but Keith turns from being a loving man to a very abusive one without warning and then switches back like nothing has happened. When they marry things get worse.

The book is written from a deeply religious standpoint; to understand it I think you have to have a strong belief too. Because the book grapples with Kendraís dilemma where Keith is concerned and she turns to God for help and advice through prayer at all the difficult times.

It is easy, I suppose, to think she is foolish to even contemplate staying with a man like Keith but one has to respect the beliefs of another person and the book explores how faith and circumstances help to make Kendraís mind up for her.

The story isnít a romance in the happy-ever-after tradition, it is more like womenís fiction in that it explores where a family has to stand back and let their daughter face her own demons and just be there with love and support.

The end of the book has a surprising twist that as the reader caught me out completely

Caught me completely as I did not expect it to take that turn. It's a clever piece of plotting.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Mary.

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