by Andrea Wilder

December 2004
ISBN: 1-931742-79-0
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Trade Paperback

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Nick Stafford is a best selling mystery novelist. He needs a break from his hectic life so he heads for Jamaica to get some well-deserved rest and time alone. He didnít know he was about to meet a woman who would not only change him but turn his world inside out.

Paige Ramsey, she works in a bookstore was vacationing in Jamaica at the same hotel as Nick. She is a big fan of Nickís. She leads what she perceives as a very boring life, she wanted to take chances, she just didnít know how to do it.

Paige knew that inside Nick was a lonely, untrusting soul, waiting to be unleashed, she didnít believe the life style, the media painted of Nick. They wind up spending time together, they both learn from each other.

This was a very sweet novella. It only took me about an hour to read. Nick and Paige are adorable, you catch yourself cheering them both on. This reviewer enjoyed this book tremendously and would recommend it as a must read.

Reviewed in December 2004 by Pat.

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