by Linda Devlin

February 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-7269-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

There must be something in the water of the tiny western town of Rock Creek. Most of the men are smooth-talking hunks who are fast with a gun and even faster with their women... and Daniel Cash is the fastest of them all.

Of the six men who formed a bond during the Civil War (what is it about fighting and carnage that makes men bond – with women it’s the “Reduced for Clearance” rack! So why aren’t women running the world?) Daniel Cash is the hardest and coldest! Oh sure, he’s a lover – the two ex-“ladies” from his old saloon would happily write the man a reference as the best lover around, but his smile seldom reaches his eyes, and his hands are never too far away from his guns!

Few suspect that Cash has a “past” – not that anyone would dare ask him about it anyway. Even fewer suspect that the newest arrival in town, the widowed Nadine Ellington, might have played an enormous role in that past. In fact, Daniel himself doesn’t suspect that Nadine has come to Rock Creek to shake him out of his steely-gunslinger mode and present him with the surprise of his life!

Having become ensnared in the world of the Rock Creek guys, I was excited to read Cash’s story – throughout these books, he’s been portrayed as rather an enigma. On one hand, he’s a cold-blooded killer and extremely fast gunslinger, yet occasionally glimpses of a deep-seated honor have been allowed to peep through. His loyalty to his friends and theirs to him is unswerving, and so when he begins to tumble off his high pedestal, his friends are there waiting to offer a smile, a laugh, a kick in the pants and a hand. Nadine Ellington is a good match for Cash – she’s put a lot of effort into becoming who she is, and her awareness of her own abilities and dignity is on a level with Cash’s. Needless to say, the fireworks erupt pretty quickly – the dormant heat between them flares up in next to no time, and Daniel proves he’s every bit as good between the sheets as he is with a six-shooter in his hand. However, it’s inevitable that Daniel and Nadine will find more revelations awaiting them as their affair progresses – what they learn and how it changes them is the meat of this charming story.

I’ve become addicted to the Rock Creek cowboys – and I was never a western romance fan before now! Do yourself a favor and mosey on down to the general store for a copy of this or any other of the Rock Creek fellas and spend a few hours enjoying romance the cowboy way!

Reviewed in April 2002 by Celia.

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