by Pat Pritchard

October 2004
ISBN: 0821777645
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Widowed Annie Dunbar leads a quiet existence in the small town of Willow Shoals, Missouri and that is just fine by her. No one here knows about her shady past, even her best friend Millie, and she is finally beginning to make a good life for herself running her respectable boarding house. Annie has even returned to her love of playing the piano at the request of the pastor who is in need of her services to accompany the children for the pageant. Yes, this Christmas will be good. That is until the stormy night when the sheriff arrives at her door with injured men from a boating accident on the river. The Captain is none other then Isaac Chase, the one man Annie has never been able to erase from her heart, and who can bring down her carefully crafted house of cards by exposing her to the town for who and what she really is!

Captain Isaac Chase needs to make one final run down the river before deep winter sets in. His beloved steam boat, the Caprice is in need of repairs and the note will be coming due soon from the bank. Despite the warnings of icy waters, Isaac decides to brave the weather only at the deep cost of wrecking his boat, and almost killing himself and his crew. Awakening to an angel of mercy turns into a nightmare when the angel turns out to be “Belle” a woman from his past that nearly destroyed him once. Isaac has the key to bring about the revenge on Annie he has thought about for so long. Yet with the healing of his external injuries, comes the healing of the internal ones, for both of them. Along with this is a reawakened passion that never did die. Could it be Destiny, through the magic of Christmas, has given Isaac and Annie one more chance at love?

Pat Pritchard has written another enchanting Christmas story with Annie’s Christmas. I needed to keep the Kleenex box handy, but the sniffles only add to the charm of the story. Isaac Chase and Annie are well matched and the sub-plot of their friends’ love story is an added bonus. You will definitely want this book in your stocking!

Reviewed in November 2004 by Bonnie.

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