by Vicki Lewis Thompson

November 2004
ISBN: 0-373-69200-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #1000
Mass Market Paperback

Talk show co-host Meg Delaney has worked hard to obtain her career goals. She is proud to have become the co-host of Meg and Mel In The Morning. Other areas of Meg’s life have begun to suffer as a result of her devotion to her career. Most notably among them is her love life or lack there of.

In an effort to boost the show’s sagging ratings, Mel suggests that Meg go on location in search of “The Hottest Cowboy In The West”. This just might solve Meg’s love life problem as well as give the show the ratings boost it needs. Thinking it’s all a joke, Meg readily agrees to the plan. This big city girl soon finds herself on a journey across small town America in search of that hot cowboy.

The first stop is the Circle W Ranch in Arizona. Meg believes she has found the perfect cowboy when she meets rancher Clint Walker. With his Killer Cowboy Charm he stops Meg dead in her tracks. For some reason however, Clint wants Meg to believe he is all business and far from the cowboy she thinks he is.

Clint exhibits a Killer Cowboy Charm from his first appearance in this delightful book. He and Meg share chemistry that writer's dream of achieving in their work and that Ms. Thompson provides in book after book.

Ms Thompson's memorable characters are her trademark and her ability to draw her reader’s into her story lines keep them coming back for more. Ms. Thompson has created the perfect cowboy in Clint Walker and perhaps her finest story to date. If you love cowboy heroes then don’t miss Clint Walker and his Killer Cowboy Charm.

Reviewed in November 2004 by Barbara.

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