by Rachel Lee

February 2005
ISBN: 0-7783-2129-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

Rachael Lee has done it again! She has created a spectacular romance that seamlessly blends love and intrigue together. Wildcard takes the reader into the dangerous world of spies, lies, and secrets that surround the everyday workings of government. This novel is guaranteed to make a reader’s blood run cold, and may just make you a bit paranoid the next time you watch the news.

In Wildcard Lee delves into the dark world of government conspiracies and cover-ups. She tries to answer the question, “who is really in charge of the government?” The answer Lee comes up with in this novel may shock and surprise the reader. Wildcard blends real world concerns with fictional characters. This is done so well that the reader truly believes that this story could actually happen. This is a true testament to the author’s ability.

Wildcard centers around two characters, FBI special agent Tom Lawton and Agent Renate Bachle. Tom is the typical man who refuses to follow the rules, the kind of guy most of us have come to love. In fact he has been suspended by the FBI for punching his boss in the nose after an undercover operation ended badly. As Tom is serving his suspension, the leading democratic candidate for president is attacked at a political function. As the FBI scrambles to solve the case, Tom comes across some information that leads him to believe that the attack was planned by some very important people with connections in government including the FBI. When Tom is almost killed following up on a lead, he meets Renate, who works for a super secret multinational organization. Renate is determined to bring the attackers to justice. Together she and Tom must stay one step ahead of an organization that has members at every level of government, enough money to put Tom and Renate out of business for good, and the ability to threaten the balance of power not only in the U.S. but around the world.

Wildcard is a gripping novel that transports the reader to a place that few have ever been. The plot is captivating and timely. The romance was not as prevalent as in Lee’s previous novel, but it does blend in nicely and helps the story flow. As this book is the first in a new series, I am looking forward to seeing what happens to Tom and Renate and their budding romance, as well as the other characters that were introduced in Wildcard. If you like your romance served with a bit of intrigue, this book is for you!

Reviewed in January 2005 by Jen.

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