by Emma Holly

January 2001
ISBN: 0-352-33231-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Black Lace Books
Mass Market Paperback

Having read and loved Emma Holly’s crossover book Beyond Innocence, I was interested in reading some of her earlier erotic romances, published in the well-known Black Lace line. I’m so glad I did!! If you haven’t read any of her work, or in fact any erotic fiction, then I highly recommend you start with Ménage!

Kate is a successful bookstore owner, and shares her house with Joe, a budding young composer and Sean, irrepressible and footloose wanderer. When she arrives home to find them together in her bed she’s aroused in spite of herself, and when they invite her to join them, she cannot turn them down!

Shocking? Maybe. Exciting? Definitely. Arousing? You bet!! This unusual threesome is blessed with the ability to pleasure each other and enjoy each other quite selflessly – the combinations are infinite, and the sensuality off the scale! The relationships progress beyond sheer sexual intimacy, however, as Joe and Kate explore each other’s desires as thoroughly as Joe and Sean, and Sean and Kate. This one-on-one time allows each member (sorry, poor choice of words there...) to discover hidden facets of their own needs and wants – Joe discovers that he’s falling in love with Kate; Sean realizes his superficial relationship with both Joe and Kate is deepening; and Kate becomes increasingly afraid of her feelings for both of them. Emma Holly takes us into the hearts and bodies of all three of these characters in an intense and sensual manner – she makes it so easy for us to share in their erotic escapades, and feel their emotional turmoil.

By the time the last few chapters arrived, I was totally engrossed in this story – the erotic component had become a smaller part of a larger tale. Ms. Holly has produced an awesome book involving some fascinating erotica, but also a wonderful tale of learning, growth and passion – this is a must-read for any fan of Black Lace books, Emma Holly, or women’s erotic fiction.

Reviewed in April 2002 by Celia.

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