by Leslie Kelly

December 2004
ISBN: 0-373-69204-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #1004
Mass Market Paperback

Drew Bennett’s latest book Beyond Eliza Doolittle has gained him a lot of notoriety. He is thrilled when he learns that the book will get national television coverage, but not so thrilled when he learns that the coverage will be part of a reality television show that he is expected to take part in. Drew is expected to take part in a television show that will turn some very interesting women into ladies. Drew will be really surprised when he discovers what the winner’s prize package contains.

Small town tomboy Tori Lyons is one of sixteen women who come on a new reality show for a chance to win a night at a fancy Christmas ball and a new wardrobe and jewelry for the big event. Soon the producers are adding to the prize package. In addition to the aforementioned prizes, one woman may win a cool million bucks. All she has to do is be the one to make Drew Bennett fall in love with her. Another catch is that Drew must be kept in the dark about the new twist in the rules.

Leslie Kelly is an author who is really using the public’s newfound liking of reality TV to her advantage. Her first single titled Killing Time used the setting with great success, and now she has turned to the popular reality dating for Make Me Over. I could actually see this show making it to TV as it reminds me a lot of the popular For Love Or Money.

Drew and Tori are very likeable characters. Ms Kelly has done an excellent job of creating a “country bumpkin” with Tori. Her one-liners are priceless. The chemistry between the two main characters makes the book really believable. The sensual scenes have just the right amount of steam to keep the reader turning pages.

Readers of Ms Kelly’s Killing Time will also get to catch up with a couple of characters from that book as a secondary relationship from that book is further developed here. All in all Make Me Over is a pleasant, entertaining tale that further proves Ms Kelly’s talents for creating some of the best romantic tales around. Grab a copy and enjoy the Temptation line at it’s best.

Reviewed in November 2004 by Barbara.

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