by Wendy Roberts

February 2005
ISBN: 0-373-89512-7
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Trade Paperback

Tabitha is an ordinary secretary at a law firm, struggling to make her bills. Okay, perhaps she isn’t ordinary. Brief glimpses into the beyond have her doing her level best to avoid mutilated cats with weird pentagrams painted near them. Said glimpses (they are NOT visions…definitely not) also leave her with horrific, bloody dreams. Her car takes a dive into mechanic-ville and Tabby`s forced to take on a part time job at a local movie theater to pay for repairs. This, of course, is properly humbling in the fact that the yummy lawyer Clay that she’s been drooling over for four years has made sure to show up every night she works.

Tabitha gets a “non-vision” that she can’t ignore. This leads her to a dumpster in an abandoned building near the theater. In said dumpster she finds blood, and a lot of it. Coerced by her wacky friend Jenny to call the police and inform them that she had a `feeling` that someone died in the dumpster. From this point on everything in Tabitha`s life goes awry. She acquires a cat (her lease does not allow animals), her dreams become more horrific (and medicinal doses of tequila are no longer helping), she becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation (she KNEW she shouldn’t have called the police), she loses her job (nope, definitely shouldn’t have called the police), oh and there is a satanic killer targeting her as the next victim (how creepy is that??).

Now she has the choice of Mr. Yummy Lawyer Clay, who wants to represent her. Or dark and dangerously sexy Lucien, owner of a metaphysical shop, who wants to help her develop her `powers`. This is if she can survive the little misunderstanding involving the police and a satanic cult. How is she ever going to fit these decisions in between baby showers for hated co-workers and drink theme nights at Jimbo`s bar?

Dating Can Be Deadly is a wacky, wild ride. Tabitha is outrageously funny; her quips when she would rather not do something had me holding my sides. Her promiscuous, curvy friend Jenny with her revolving bedroom door is outright hilarious. Tabitha is a modern woman who wants nothing to do with anything `twilight zone-ish`. She wants to work her way up to secretary at her law firm, go out with her friends, jump Clay`s bones, jump Lucien`s bones, and make it through a night without dreaming of dead people, or their various dismembered body parts. This proves to be too much to ask. Ms. Roberts has written a funny peek into the life of a not so normal girl, who desperately wants to be normal. Tabitha`s cast of supporting characters steal the spotlight at times, twirling off into their own hilarious outtakes. Dating Can Be Deadly is an incredible funny book. Readers who love MaryJanice Davidson and Katie MacAlister will quickly fall in love with Ms. Roberts` wily wit.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Jodi.

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