by Vicki Lewis Thompson

February 2005
ISBN: 0-312-99866-X
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Fledgling photojournalist Ally Jarrett is off fulfilling her dream of making it as a wildlife photographer in of all places, Porcupine, Alaska. But of course you need to be where the wildlife action is, both animal and human, and this is the place for it. (Think shades of the TV show Northern Exposure.) Needless to say now that Ally has inherited a fortune, along with it comes her grandmother’s personal assistant, an overprotective, super obnoxious nerd, one Mitchell J. Caruthers, Jr., who probably couldn’t survive more then a day in this backwoods town with no internet access. Hopefully Mitchell will get the message and hit the road before Ally’s uncle Kurt shows up with renowned wildlife photographer Tanya Mandell who he has managed to talk into coming and helping Ally with her work. Unbeknownst to Ally is that her greedy uncle will do anything to get his grubby hands on her money, and he has dragged along his oversexed girlfriend, Vivian in disguise as the promised Tanya!

Mitchell Caruthers, Jr is not what he seems to be. A police academy graduate and now a PI and bodyguard he is following through with the “nerd” persona that he adopted while working for Ally’s grandmother and continuing it while staying with Ally in Alaska to keep her fortune hunting black sheep Uncle Kurt from gaining control of her money. The real mission here though is going to keep this Nerd charade up while being in such close proximity to Ally, because as the temperatures drop in Porcupine’s weather, they begin to heat up between Mitch and Ally.

Nerd Gone Wild! is New York Times bestselling author Vicki Lewis Thompson’s newest in her string of nerd novels. If you were a fan of her previous two, Nerd in Shining Armor, and The Nerd Who Loved Me, then you will absolutely love this one too! Nerd Gone Wild! is filled with super funny moments, complete with crazy characters, hot sex, and a rip roaring good time in the Alaska wilderness. It can get a little over the top at times, but the chemistry between the geek in disguise Mitch and the staid Ally will make it worth the read.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Bonnie.

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