by Nikita Black

May 2000
ISBN: 1-892520-340-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Dreams Unlimited
Mass Market Paperback

Picture this: you’re in a leaky rowboat deep in the Bayous of Louisiana, trying to get photographs of a rare flower. You’re lost! Then to your rescue comes not one, but two, magnificent Cajun men! Got goose pimples yet? You should have, because this is the start of an incredibly erotic novel by the very talented Nikita Black.

The sexual tension explodes off almost the first pages of this story! The Cherchat brothers, Jacque and Quint, are as delectably spicy as the Cajun cooking they love – and poor Sahara Jensen, intelligent, lovely, talented photographer, is helpless to resist their combined appeal. The fact that one of them is swept out the door by an irate woman prior to the completion of a major sexual fantasy is not Sahara’s fault, or even her wish at that point! (Nor ours, either!)

But it’s Jacque who gets to teach Sahara the true meaning of sexual excitement – his body thrills her, his mind lures her, and his scent lingers in her nostrils. She learns that for her, fulfillment is the touch of his hands, the stroke of his tongue and the joining of his body to hers. In a variety of fascinating ways! What is so delightful about Cajun Hot is that there is also a lovely plot running beneath the sexual shenanigans, unlike so many other erotic novels. Jacque must come to terms with the fact that Sahara is something out of the ordinary for him; Sahara has to find out what role Jacque is going to play in her future. Add a legendary voodoo Mere into the mixture, and all sorts of wonderful things start happening to Sahara.

As a relative rookie in the field of erotic romance, I have been consistently dismayed by the complete lack of attention to characterization and story – too many authors seem to belong to the “Oh, it’s twenty-past two, time for another orgasm!” school of writing. Thank heavens for Nikita Black, who has restored my belief that it is very possible to offer a deliciously arousing piece of erotic literature and combine it with a good story and likeable characters. Perhaps that is the key – the characters! Both Jacque and Sahara are wonderful – I liked them, shared their pain and their passion, and got fully involved in their story. Thus, if it was erotic for them, it was erotic for me, the reader.

Ms. Black seems to have tapped into women’s erotic desires with greater accuracy than many other writers within the genre. I heartily recommend Cajun Hot to anyone who’d like to try an erotic romance! (I’m trying to avoid the cliché of “spicy”, but this book really lives up to its name – gah-ron-teed!!!)

Reviewed in April 2002 by Celia.

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