by Eugenia Riley

November 2004
ISBN: 71145-00699
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

Colorado, 1999

Professor Jessica Garrett was wondering what in the heck she had been thinking when she agreed to accompany three of her colleagues from the history department at Greely College on this silly excursion to the Broken Buck Dude Ranch in Colorado, a place known for its “true life” depiction of life in the wild west of the late 1800's. Dressed in the full costume of that time period, Jessie is so miserable as she rides in a hot stuffy antique stagecoach to view the ruins of a ghost town. After hitting her head hard on the ceiling of the stagecoach said to once have belonged to a notorious madam, Jessie finds herself awakening only to stare at her fellow professors! Somehow the professors had transformed into their ancestors and were in the middle of a real live shoot out with the famed Reklaw gang! This is no dream as Jessica first suspects, and she realizes this when she is suddenly bushwhacked by the outlaws and thrown across the saddle of the eldest Reklaw brother, the ruthless, and sinfully handsome Cole, and taken to their hideout/farm only to confront the worst part of this nightmare! Ma Reklaw, upon hearing that her heathenish brood has kidnapped the new schoolmarm, decides that she’ll clean up her boys disreputable behaviors once and for all by offering Jessica’s hand in marriage to the first one of them who can straighten out and start acting like a gentleman.

Cole Reklaw had made a bad call. Realizing that robbing the stagecoach had been futile since there was no gold aboard, Cole had given in to his younger brothers’ idea of kidnapping the woman and taking her back with them, only to bring the wrath of Ma and her broom down on them. Now what? This was no schoolmarm Cole had ever encountered before. She had some mouth on her, and it was matched by a siren’s body that was going to do him in that was for sure. It was going to be darned hard for Cole to keep his mind on outlawing and off of Jessie!

Bushwhacked Bride by Eugenia Riley takes the reader on an action packed ride through time. I loved Cole! He is an arrogant, drop dead gorgeous hunk of a nineteenth century male chauvinist, and yet he can still be kind and gentle to animals and lovingly supportive to his “sugar” Jessie. Jessica can hold her own against the younger Reklaw brothers, and even tough old Ma, but knows she is done for when it comes to Cole, a man destiny has sent her back in time to tame!

Reviewed in November 2004 by Bonnie.

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