by Caroline Anderson

December 2003
ISBN: 0-263-83484-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Mills & Boon
Mass Market Paperback

Dr Katherine Crawford left her husband, Dr Oliver Crawford, five years ago and re-meets him at a medical conference. He shows her how much he still loves her. She tries to keep her distance but agrees to help out during a medical emergency at his practice.

Katherine is the type of heroine I cannot take. She leaves her husband without telling him the reasons because she thinks she knows what is best for him.

I felt so bad for poor Oliver; he loved that woman so much and yet she still wanted to walk away from him. I couldnít accept that his family welcomed her back into the fold knowing she was going to walk away from Oliver again. Had I been his family I would have told her to tell Oliver why she left him or get out of his life and stay out.

Oliver is a great hero, a guy any woman should want. This man stayed celibate for 5 years because of his love for Katherine, grrr.

If ever a woman did not deserve to be loved unconditionally, it was Katherine. I could not feel sorry for her. Even though she had found out she couldnít have children, she still walked out on the one man who could have given her the comfort she needed.

The book isnít all negative because there are some good bits like the patients and their ailments, and some good secondary characters like Oliverís brother and his wife and children.

I was also a bit cheesed off at the title as I was looking forward to a nice Christmas read. Unfortunately, Christmas only featured for a couple of chapters, when I felt that it should have been the time when Katherine and Oliver finally came to their senses but no, Katherine had to take off again!

This is not a book I would choose to represent Caroline Andersonís work, as she is a good author. I know it was just the heroine that put me off, maybe other readers would view her differently.

Reviewed in November 2004 by Mary.

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