by Judy Mays

May 2002
ISBN: 1-59088-086-2
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A Rhythm Divine is a compelling May-December romance plot, with the heroine being the December. Ms. Mays takes the idea and writes a very believable, emotion-packed story that is both uniquely creative and endearing.

The heroine, Maggie Garrison, is the elder of the couple; however, the story starts out with the introduction of hero, Sean Wallace and is told mostly from his point of view. A then-younger Sean faces several emotional setbacks, starting with the funeral of his mother, and three weeks later the breakup with his fiancé. With the feeling that love is something that doesn’t really exist, Sean is determined to get through life without it.

Now thirty, Sean meets Maggie and is immediately drawn to her - but only physically. He wants to get to know her better despite the fact he doesn’t believe in the ‘fairy tale’ called love. The fact that Maggie, at forty-three, is older, doesn’t bother Sean. In his opinion, a physical relationship doesn’t have age barriers.

Maggie has been widowed for fourteen years, and owns a dude ranch to support her daughter and self. She clings to the memory of her beloved husband, keeping her heart safely tucked away from thoughts of love with anyone else. She is very disturbed to realize that she is just as attracted to Sean as he is to her.

The story unfolds around the obstacles Maggie places between her and Sean, dealing mostly with the age issue and the fact that she’s always thought she would never love again. Once the emotions between them become unstoppable, Maggie and Sean discover feelings they both thought to never experience again.

This was an emotional, passionate love story; one that will tug at the heartstrings, and wring every bit of emotion out . You finish reading it with that “wonderful-feel-good-happily-ever-after” feeling.

The five Roses are well deserved for Ms. May’s creative, wonderful story that proves love is not prejudice and age doesn’t matter, and reinforcing the belief that love conquers all.

Reviewed in April 2002 by Kari.

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