by Paris Dixon

November 2004
ISBN: 1-59279-319-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Amber Quill Press

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Ten years ago Paige Gillette had what she assumed to be a secret crush on her high school English teacher. His name was Vincent Martinelli. Paige’s crush was compounded by the fact that Mr. Martinelli wasn’t but a few years older than the students he was teaching, and didn’t fit Paige’s image of what a teacher looked like.

Mr. Martinelli was the object of Paige’s teenage fantasies. He’s still the man who spurs her fantasy world. Today, however she uses the fantasies to write top selling erotic books under the pen name Antionette Pope. She has become a best selling author by using those fantasies to create two wonderful fictional characters.

Now, it’s time for her ten year high school reunion. She doesn’t really wish to attend, but after much arm twisting by her best friend Blythe Larson she decides to go, and see for herself if Vince is still even half the man she’s made him out to be. After even more arm twisting she wears a revealing outfit borrowed from Blythe, instead of the demure outfit she intended.

The big night is here. What will happen? Will Paige even see Vince? Will Vince even remember Paige? There are a lot of “what if’s” involved here. To see how it all works out you’re going to need to read Hot For Teacher yourself.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Sandi.

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