by Linda Prine

November 2004
ISBN: 1-59279-296-0
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Lord Brandon Huntington takes on the commission of escorted The Duke of Wyckham’s daughter and granddaughter from America to England. The Duke has been estranged from his daughter when she married against his wishes twenty years before, now he wants his widowed daughter home and to see his granddaughter Amanda for the first time.

Amanda is a fiery young woman with a mind of her own and is desperate to stay in Virginia because she still believes her twin is alive.

The story is well written but I felt it was overlong and some of the details were unnecessary to the plot. Brandon told them tales of his past, which were meant to while away the time on the voyage to England but I felt that they added nothing to the story.

Amanda, as a heroine, annoyed me. At times she seemed like a spirited young woman forced to take a leading role when her father and brother went to join the civil war and at others she seemed like a silly child. This didn’t endear her especially when she put the ship’s crew at risk with her stubbornness that she could handle things herself. I felt that as an intelligent young woman she would have know this and wouldn’t have got into these situations.

The sea voyage itself was well described and the best description was when they approached the Duke’s estate in England and it was described as Amanda saw it for the first time. The author made the mansion and the surrounding countryside so alive that I could see the whole scenic panorama.

Passion was stirred early between Amanda and Brandon and this certainly did not disappoint as the sexual tension between them grew with every time they touched.

All in all it was a good story, worth reading.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Mary.

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