by Amanda Steiger

November 2004
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Just because someone has unusual eye color or hair color or dresses totally different, they shouldn’t be looked and treated like they are different and should be feared. So what if the color of their eyes looks like they should belong to a wolf. Because of his eye color, Garou is feared and the leader of the Wolf Clan.

Garou couldn’t help that his eye color was so unusual and that he was feared because of it. It was whispered that he was evil. He left everything he knew at an early age because of the way he was treated. But is he really as evil as everyone thinks. Sure his clan would plunder a village to get that they needed to survive.

Garou told the King that he would stop and leave the area if he gave his daughter, Kaila to him. Well, the King didn’t but Kaila went to Garou. Kaila feared what would happen to her, she knew and became resigned to the fact but she still put up a brave front by going to the camp by herself without her fathers permission or knowledge.

The story is about looking past the outside layer of someone and seeing what they are really like. Yes, they might be gruff or distant but it is their way to protect themselves against getting hurt. Can Garou and Kaila have a happily-ever-after? What will her father due about the situation? To find out pick up Eyes Of The Wolf to find out the answers and to maybe look just a little deeper than the outside of someone to know that they are really like on the inside.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Pam.

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