by Mandy M. Roth

November 2004
ISBN: 1-58608-360-0
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Sebastian has finally found her. The daughter of a gypsy woman brutally wounded in the Roma/Demon war he himself had brought Gitana to her first breaths. Bound by a promise to take care of her torn from her dying mothers lips while she was still in the womb, Sebastian took the squalling infant to her mothers` people. Then she disappeared for almost three decades. She now lives in a small town making her living amongst the plants that she loves as an herbal gardening supplier. He knows from the first that she is his mate, the love that he has searched for his entire existence.

Gitana`s future foretells of a mullo or demon mate with whom she will give birth to the one who will end the Roma/Demon wars. Gitana had thought that her ex-husband Aaron, a werewolf, was that mullo. She found that she could not live with his brutish, possessive ways. So now as a divorcee she has no plans to fulfill her destiny.

Theirs is not to be an easy relationship. Aaron`s murderous jealousy, the Council that oversees all magical creatures and those who would not have the war ended will cause heartbreak for the two. Will their love survive the monstrous opposition?

Gypsy Nights is a thigh clenching, heart-warming novel with extraordinary characters. Ms. Roth has created an alternate reality that I plan to revisit through reading for many years. Sebastian is a tortured soul; the atrocities that he has committed as a vampire weigh heavily on him. Gitana is trying to survive a failed relationship and get on with her life, as incomplete as it feels at times. The heat between these two is searing and cold shower inducing. You will not soon forget Sebastianís prowess or Gitana`s innocent responses. Ms. Roth perfectly treads the fine line between fantasy and reality and makes her world seem very plausible. Fantasy lovers should not miss this book. This is the first book Iíve read by Mandy Roth, but it will not be the last.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Jodi.

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