by Maggie Osborne

December 2004
ISBN: 0-8041-1992-9
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Mass Market Paperback

She was known only as “Fox” the best scout west of the Rockies. Fox could outshoot, out drink, out cuss, and outsmart any man! Driven by demons from a nightmarish childhood that made vengeance her only purpose for living, Fox needed the gold coins the man named Matthew Tanner offered her in exchange for guiding him and his party across the wilds of Nevada territory to Denver. Deciding this was her opportunity to seek the revenge she so wanted, Fox agrees to take Tanner to his destination, where Fox would kill the man that stole her life away from her.

Matthew Tanner lived in a world so far removed from anything that Fox could ever imagine. He was educated, refined, and used to “ladies” who never swore, smoked or sipped anything stronger then an occasional glass of wine. Tanner needed this woman’s expertise to get him to Colorado in less then three months time to deliver a ransom before kidnappers killed his father. Traveling with Fox in such close proximity and under stress of peril at every turn, Matthew begins to see the inner and outer beauty to this extraordinary woman, and the strength she has to endure such hardships. However it may be too late to help Fox lay to rest the hate she holds so close to her heart. She cannot accept the love from Tanner that would and could replace it if Fox only allowed it in.

Foxfire Bride by New York Times bestselling author Maggie Osborne is wondrous and full of the power and beauty of the wilderness the characters journey through. You will actually feel like you are taking the trek right along with them, so vivid is Maggie Osborne’s storytelling. Fox is a fresh and exciting heroine. Not a fluffy got-to-have-a-man save-me type, Fox can save her self! Tanner is not a macho got-to-take-charge man, he is comfortable enough is his masculinity to leave the expedition to the experience of his guide, Fox. Secrets, sex, and the wild west, everything you ever needed in a great book, Foxfire Bride delivers it all!

Reviewed in November 2004 by Bonnie.

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