by Rida Allen

December 2004
ISBN: 1-933157-01-1
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Phil Fink was one of the best programmers around. She owned her own business but she was a subcontractor, so she still had to answer to others. Even though she set the time table most of the time, it was cleaning up the coding of others that she was getting tired of. No one that she has worked for or with has seen her or knows that Phil is a she instead of a he. Everyone just assumed that Phil was a he and she didnít tell them any difference.

It seems that Matt has a program that he wants done and the only way to do it is to meet and work with Phil in person. Matt has worked with Phil for the past five years and they get along okay working over emails and instant messenger. Matt is supposed to come back to his office with the scope on Phil as everyone things Phil is a major nerd.

Letís just say that Matt is in for a major surprise when he meets Phil. Can they still work together after Matt finally meets Phil? What about Phil having her office in her home and what a home it is. It is a fortress with no front door buzzer to announce visitors and no door bells once you get inside as well. It seems that Phil has a past incident where she feels that she must live this way, with her house as secure as it can get.

Once the initial shock wears off they are able to get down to business and it seems that they both are attracted to each other. They just do not act on it. It seems Matt now has an online friend and it is keeping him awake at night when she disconnects, leaving him frustrated.

Can the frustrated Matt finally get satisfaction with the woman online or will it come from Phil? They have a good working relationship but can it move past it. The question is will Phil let Matt into her life? Can Phil get past the incident in her past to be able to more forward? It will take a special man to help Phil and Matt is the man for her in all aspects of her life.

This is the first story Iíve read by Rida Allen and it will not be the last. You Have Been Disconnected gives us a story of hope and love and discovery. Discovery of oneself and finally letting the past be in the past and moving forward to the future, no matter what it brings. Once I started reading the book, I didnít want to put it down, it was interesting to see what would happen next. This left me finishing up other things so I could get back to the story and see what Matt and Phil were up too.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Pam.

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