by Judie Aitken

December 2004
ISBN: 0-425-19941-x
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Mass Market Paperback

In Secret Shadows, we enter the dangerous undercover world of Dane White Eagle.

Dane is working undercover for the FBI. He’s trying to find out who is flooding the reservation with designer drugs. These drugs produce a wonderful high, but can also be deadly. He doesn’t want to see any more young people die because of it. He’s willing to do anything, even lie to his family, to put these drug dealers out of commission.

On one traumatic night, Dane meets Claire Colby. She’s an ER Trauma doctor and the person who will haunt Dane’s dreams for months after their meeting. When he returns to the reservation, he is surprised to see Claire working at the clinic there. As they become close, it soon becomes apparent that they share more than just the dedication to making the lives of the reservation members bearable.

Claire Colby likes being a doctor, but she wants to be more involved with her patients. She changes her live to be able to realize that dream. She agrees to become the new doctor at the Indian clinic on the reservation. She’s surprised to find out that she fits in and enjoys working with them. Then one day, Dane White Eagle comes back into her life. He shows her something had been missing. She senses they have a connection that is more than just attraction.

It seems they are sharing dreams. Iktomi, the trickster spirit of the Lakota has been haunting their nighttime. What purpose does the legendary spirit have for bringing Dane and Clare together? Will Claire be able to see past the lie to the man beneath? As danger closes in, Claire and Dane realize they have to trust each other to survive.

Judie Aitken has proven once again that she can craft a superb tale. She weaves Native American culture and lore together into a taut blanket that leaves the reader on the edge of their seat. Dane is a troubled man with deep shame about his past actions. He doesn’t like to lie to his family, but sees the honor in what he is doing. Claire doesn’t back down from a fight. A hard life has shown her she can survive and she won’t let anyone destroy her. Both characters are complex and very real. Ms. Aitken’s love for the Native American culture shines in her stories and makes each one unique. This story is well written and relatively fast paced. This is definitely a book to enjoy and savor.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Jenni.

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