by Beverly Havlir

November 2004
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Alexandra Sheridan does not believe in or trust commitment. Knowing her Mother is working towards her seventh wedding, Alex feels love does not last. It is just sex! Alexandra has wanted Ethan for awhile now and has plans on getting what she wants, SEX and only sex.

Ethan has known Alex since she was in high school. She is the best friend of his little sister, Emma. Ethan tells himself he cannot have Alex. He cannot touch her; she is like a little sister. Still he longs to touch her and kiss her. Even more, he wants a night with her in his arms.

Does Ethan push to fast for a commitment? Will Alexandra realize she can trust Ethan with her heart and not just her body?

In Taming Alex I enjoyed how Beverly Havlir played her words out with the sex and the locations in which these scenes were played. Unfortunately, I was distracted and found myself going back several times to make sure I understood one scene. While Ethan and Alex are making love, Alex is cuffed, yet still manages to throw her arms around Ethan. I question how that could happen when he releases her in the next paragraph. The one thing I really did like was that Beverly showed how Ethan was able to succeed in Taming Alex, but this story is not a keeper for me.

Reviewed in December 2004 by Theresa.

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