by Scott Carpenter

November 2004
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Learning to Live Again by S. L. Carpenter is the story of a woman who’s been in a dead-end relationship for 2 years and she decided she’s had enough!

Michelle has been living with Keith for 2 years and for her, the relationship is dead. He’s drained all the life out of her and it’s time to move on. She gets a job in Canada doing what she’s always dreamed of doing, working with children, and she couldn’t be happier that she’s turning her life around.

She’s on a train heading “home” for a short vacation with her family before heading to the new job. After dinner her first night, she heads back to her berth and finds a naked man in her bed, which might not have been a bad thing except he’s passed out dead drunk. After an interesting night spent in a chair, she wakes up to find the mystery man gone!! However, she runs into him again at the next stop when she decides to go shopping.

Josh is a promotionals manager for his parent's company and he’s now heading home for some vacation and to help his parents celebrate their anniversary. Michelle tells him she’s headed home for some vacation before taking her new job. They hit it off and start seeing each other and having some very hot sex!! Just what Michelle needs, a man who concentrates on her needs first! She never had that with Keith and Josh does such a terrific job, they continue dating once they get home.

Josh is “the ideal man” for Michelle but she has obligations and she just can’t throw her dreams away again. She did it once and has regretted it ever since. Josh can’t let her get away from him – this woman that has caused Josh to fall in love for the first time in his life. What’s the solution? Who has to make the sacrifice so they can stay together?

S. L. Carpenter gives us a short hot story of a woman’s journey from doormat to life partner and her adventures. Josh is a yummy hero and Michelle, while not everyone would agree, does what she thinks she has to do to complete her life, for the first time. Learning to Live Again is a pretty good book if you’re looking for a fast read on a cold winter day!!!!

Reviewed in March 2005 by PamL.

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