by Amy Tolnitch

March 2005
ISBN: 1-932815-26-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Medallion Press
Mass Market Paperback

This debut book by Ms. Tolnitch will no doubt become a ‘keeper’ on paranormal romance readers’ shelves. A ‘gothic’ ambience with a ghost-haunted castle blends with a romance that is emotionally touching and sensually appeasing.

Five years before, Cain Veuxfort left Amice de Monceaux to marry for security’s sake, to save the Hawksdown estate. Broken hearted, her spirit crushed, Amice left.

Now a widower, Cain has his life interrupted by the spirit of a hateful, vengeful ghost who haunts his castle. He needs the ‘Spirit Goddess’ (a medieval ghost hunter) to exorcize the ghost. Amice is the Spirit Goddess and she is more than reluctant to help Cain. Going back would mean reawakening the soul-felt pain of his desertion years before.

In order to get Amice’s help, Cain offers her the one thing she can’t refuse: an Italian villa on the sea. Anxious to get away from an arranged marriage, Amice sees the villa as her only hope and she agrees to help.

But the ghost has no plans of vacating its residency, so Amice has to work hard to obtain her goal: rid Cain’s castle of the spirit, finally put Cain and her feelings for him behind her, and now be free to live her life at the villa. Little does Cain and Amice realize that their lives are about to change, and prove their love never died.

A tale of star crossed lovers, tragic pasts, lost loves, and love once again found, makes this book a gem of a story that all paranormal romance readers will love. Ms. Tolnitch is sure to gain many fans, no doubt looking eagerly for her next book. A don’t miss!

Reviewed in February 2005 by Kari.

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