by Nina Bruhns

June 2002
ISBN: 0-373-27233-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1163
Mass Market Paperback

On a steamy New Orleans night, a man watches a woman across the courtyard as she peels away her clothes and grabs for an ice-cold soda. A peeping Tom? No, it’s the hero of this spellbinding romance, Detective Auri “Creole” Levalois, doing surveillance. Creole is everything any woman could want – a velvet voice with a smattering of French-Creole phrases to charm her out of her underwear, a body that should be declared hazardous to the female population and a fierce need to avenge the death of his brother. Once Grace Summerville gets a good look at him, she knows he’s something special!

Grace is on a mission too – her twin has disappeared and she’s come from South Carolina to try and find her. Creole is convinced that Muse Summerville knows something about his brother’s death – he just doesn’t know that the woman he’s so intently watching isn’t Muse but her twin sister, Grace.

The sizzling passion that erupts between Grace and Creole bursts off the pages of this book before they even realize the dangerous situation that has them caught in its coils. Grace, a psychologist by profession, is still all woman by nature, and is rocked off her foundations by her feelings for the sensual and troubled Creole. But it is Creole himself who steals our hearts – not just with his incredible sexuality and appeal, but his complexity and his need for that which only our heroine can provide! Ms. Bruhns has created a truly fascinating and memorable character in Auri Levalois – readers have been waiting a long time for a hero so incredibly human yet so sensually appealing. The relationship between Creole and Grace is much more than the usual romance – there are many layers to their love affair, not just the simple tussle in the sheets, but a joining of minds and needs and a mutual understanding of the baggage that humans acquire as they progress through life. We feel for both of them on many levels, not just the physical – although heaven knows, Creole is pretty spectacular when it comes to some Big Easy lovin’.

The plot is well paced, and the suspense is sustained right to the exciting and nail-biting climax, but the heart of this novel is in the passion and intimacy that grows between Grace and Creole. It’s seductive, absorbing, and so natural that we’re right there in Grace’s small French Quarter apartment with sweat dripping from our bodies! New Orleans has been the setting for many a romance novel, and never better than here, where the city plays it’s own important part in the story. If you are looking for an exciting and suspense-filled romance that will sweep you into the heat of long, passion-filled N’Awlins nights, then make sure you grab Sweet Revenge – and a couple of trays of ice cubes!

Reviewed in April 2002 by Celia.

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