by Marcia Preston

January 2005
ISBN: 0-7783-2135-5
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Roberta Dutreau is still trying to escape the awful memories of her childhood when everyone knew her as Bobbie Lee. Her husbandís gentle understanding has allowed her to hide away from the world in the tiny cabin they call home. It is on a cold winter day as Roberta sits embroidering yet another butterfly pillow top when a strange man comes to the door.

Harley Jaines has one mission in mind and that is to get his wife Lenora out of prison. He knows that Roberta has just the information they need to reopen the case and allow Lenora to be set free. Roberta is quickly ready to send this man away and return to her hiding, however, he isnít willing to take no for an answer.

What follows will be the reopening of old wounds for Roberta as she remembers her lonely childhood spent with an alcoholic mother in a tiny, dark rental house. Then, of course, there was Cincy Jaine who in second grade would claim Roberta as a friend and soon invite her home to the house of butterflies also known as Rockhaven. It is with Cincy and her mother Lenora that Bobbie Lee evolves out of her cocoon and develops a friendship with both women that will mold the rest of her life.

It is only when Cincy and Bobbie Lee enter adolescence that jealousy begins to play a part in their relationship and Bobbie Lee will often find herself turning more to Lenora for friendship rather than Cincy. This only seems to complicate things further and in the middle of a dark night, events will follow that will pull all three women apart and leave one locked behind bars.

Roberta has tried for almost a decade to forget the girl inside her named Bobbie Lee. It will take great courage for her to set out to unlock all the doors of the past and finally discover the truth about that fiery night.

This is one of those books with a cover so awesome that it will draw your attention even before you read the blurb on the back. Iím excited to say that the story is just as good as the cover. I was pulled in by the first few sentences and ended up sitting up late into the night until I finished it. Readers who are looking for a romance novel might end up disappointed as I found The Butterfly House much more a story about relationships between women rather than a romance.

Reviewed in December 2004 by Shelby.

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