by Kimberly Dean

November 2004
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Bookkeeper Delia Jenkins is having a very, very bad day. The spreadsheet she has been working on for the company’s big contract won’t balance, the nasty flu bug she picked up has her seeing double and she is running a high fever. To top it all off, the office playboy, Rob, picked today to notice that she exists. Talk about poor timing. Just when Delia reluctantly gives in and gets ready to head home, she walks right into her boss Jackson Lloyd.

Fearful she may lose her job, Delia takes a cab home. Meanwhile, Rob’s promise to look in on her later—accompanied by a toe-curling kiss—has very little effect on her.

After her fever spikes Delia has to find some way to quench the heat. She is melting from the inside out and only one thing can beat back the heat. Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers, and strange friends.

Newcomer to the wonderful world of e-publishing, Kimberly Dean warms up chilly autumn evenings with Fever. She’ll keep you guessing about the object of Delia’s ardent affections until the very end. Who would think a high grade fever could produce such an intriguing plot and interesting characters? Fever is satisfyingly sexy and sweet at the same time.


Reviewed in November 2004 by Cynthia.

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