by Jodi Lynn Copeland

November 2004
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Candace Anderson has been in lust with longtime friend Duane for quite some time. One night she meets up with him and fulfills her longtime dream of spending one night of passion with him. But something happened that night she could never get over. Now she wants to move on from their history and forget it ever happened. However she is in a wedding and has to walk down with aisle with him!

Duane isnít as ready to shake off their one night stand. He still wants her and believes she wants him as much. She just canít handle his werewolf transformations. Now he must convince her that he has learned to tame the savage beast that rages within him if he is to ever gain back her trust and her love.

This is a quick, satisfying erotic read. The conflict is interesting and with the paranormal aspect of Duaneís shape shifting should keep readers interested. The way her family rallies to support the relationship in the beginning is fun to watch. It seems Candace is outnumbered in her attempts to stay away from this man.

Reviewed in July 2005 by Katy.

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