by Kylie Brant

January 2005
ISBN: 0-373-27411-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1341
Mass Market Paperback

The day that Lucky Boucher walks into the PI firm owned and operated by Jacey Wheller, Jacey had no clue that Lucky was bought and paid for by her mother, Charlotte Wheller. Lucky was sent to dishearten Jacey and put an end to her dream.

Three years later and things are Close to the Edge. Jacey has been asked to do a special investigation that will lead to unidentified danger. Her new client, Mr. J. Walter Garvey, is very ill and needs to learn all he can, as soon as possible about his family. He is running out of time. Jacey takes the job for she knows with Lucky’s help they can get the job done. Also she is one tenacious lady. When Jacey wants things done, she will just about do anything to get her goals accomplished.

Lucky Boucher is from the wrong side of the track. There was a time he would do anything for money, but something has changed. He cannot tell you when, where or why, but he knows he would by no means hurt Jacey. His instinct is now to protect her, and what that will cost is not important.

One night as Jacey’s escort will change their friendship forever. Both Lucky and Jacey could not be happier until Charlotte reminds Lucky of the job she hired him to do. Will Charlotte lose her daughter if Jacey finds out what her Mother has done? Will Lucky and Jacey work it all out in the end?

Kylie Brant kept me Close to the Edge with these intimate moments. I could not go to sleep until I finished the last chapter. I know anyone who reads it will make it a keeper for themselves, just as I will do.

Reviewed in February 2005 by Theresa.

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