by Erin McCarthy, Jen Nicholas, Jordan Summmers

April 2005
ISBN: 0-7582-0845-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

When Ashley Andrews realizes she is in over her head on her credit card obligations, she must do something to bring in a lot of cash immediately. What does she do to get this you ask. Ashley knows every woman needs to add adventure to her sex life so she goes into business by becoming a Pleasure Party consultant. It’s her first party, and Ashley has set everything up all over the apartment for her friends to see when they arrive. There is one little clinch though; one package that was delivered is now in the hands of Lucas Manning, Ashley’s younger brother's best friend. And that is just how Ashley looks at him, like a brother. Erin McCarthy has taken this consultant to places she has never gone before. But will Ashley be able to look past the age difference and let her heart lead her to Fuzzy Logic or her very own Bad Boy Over Easy?

Jen Nicholas had me hooked from the very first paragraph in The Cupid Curse. Valentine Lewis writes to cupid asking for the man of her dreams. It seems that she is not able to find him on her own, so she is asking for help. After many hours of research, she writes a letter from her heart. The only person who is to know of this letter is her sister Tasha because she knows her sister has sworn off men for over two years. Val does not want to be alone anymore. She wants the one person whom she can love and will love her back. The Cupid chosen to help Val has not yet graduated from Cupid School, but he knows he can fulfill her wants and dreams. How you wonder? Gideon has the man he feels will not only make Val happy but will worship her everlastingly. However the arrow does not hit the right person at all. Will Gideon be able to make things right for Val and if not, will Val be able to accept this mistake? For you know once Cupid's arrow has hit you, you will love that person forever. Jen Nicholas has shed a new light on The Cupid Curse.

When Bad Boy Derek Armstrong sets out to write an article to expose Amanda Dillon for the fraud that he believes she is, he will stop at nothing to do just that. Amanda has the reputation as the “Man Tamer”. For two years she has been entertaining audiences with her tricks and the way she can hypnotize men. Once they are under her influence, Amanda asks these men to woo her, but this time, she has met her match. One man lets her believe he has been hypnotized. Back stage Amanda continues with her trick, but the man has her fooled so the only thing left to do is to take him home so she can figure out why or what has happened. Will Amanda realize that Derek is the fraud here and expose him before her heart is broken? Who will be the one to tell her? I enjoy the sense of humor that Jordan Summers has included in this fun tale.

Once I picked up this book I was not able to stop reading until I finished each story. Bad Boys Over Easy is not only a keeper for my book case but a reread. I also would love to see them write another one with the secondary characters.

Reviewed in March 2005 by Theresa.