by Lori Handeland

February 2005
ISBN: 0-312-99135-5
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

I like when an author writes a trilogy or a series and the books start off where the other one ended. That is exactly what happened in Hunterís Moon, it picked up right were Blue Moon ended. Iím hoping Dark Moon will be the same as well. It feels as if you have just left them a few days ago and now you are back to find out what has been happening to the characters.

In Hunterís Moon, Leigh is called to train Jessie from Blue Moon. This is a first because Edward has always been the trainer for everyone that was a Jager-Sucher, a werewolf hunter. To say that Leigh is thrilled about the assignment well, we wonít even go there, but she will do whatever Edward wants her to do. So off to Crow Valley she goes. She was not prepared for what she found. Leigh did not know that she would be training a woman, especially someone like Jessie. Leigh is short by most standards and blond, but she can definitely hold her own. But she is carrying around a lot of her past and the past is what made her who she is today.

It seems Leigh is finally beginning to miss what others have, a life. In walks Damien, well, not actually walks in, but he does show up where Leigh just so happens to have killed a werewolf and is now burning the body. But things are what they seem with Damien as he disappears suddenly when Jessie shows up on the scene.

It is funny to watch Leigh and Jessie. I can just picture them. They are just ready to fight each other and it so shows in how they react to each other and the things they say. Of course, Will and Damien are all for the fight between the two of them and if they just so happen to lose some clothing in the process, all the better. But underneath it all, they do start to slowly respect and like each other but they just donít show it all the time, well, hardly ever.

They are all in Crow Valley because a werewolf has been killing other werewolves. They donít know why but they do intend to find out. We also learn that another ceremony is about to take place, which is why Will is there. It seems while one is killing its own kind another is eating them or are they the same? That is what they are to find out and stop the white werewolf, Hector, from his master plan which includes Leigh. It seems they have an unpleasant past history.

Remember the life I was telling you about that Leigh is just now realizing she wants, well, it has to do with Damien. She is starting to come alive after two years. Two years of sleeping during the day has lessened the nightmares. To say that Leighs trust anyone is a major understatement but somehow with Damien she begins to feel she can trust, but she still does not tell him what she does or who she really is.

Hunterís Moon will have you glued to the pages, turning each one to find out what is happening next and reading long into the night. From Jesse and Leigh having another round at each other, trying to find the liar, to hunting, including worrying about Edward and why he is staying away. Ms. Handeland has given us another great story in Hunterís Moon. The story has surprises that you donít see coming and of course some that you might. Donít forget there is a mystery involved, shape-shifters, another ceremony that revolves around the hunter's moon or blood moon and most of all finding oneself again and hoping youíve found your mate for life. Even though Hunterís Moon can be a stand alone, I would highly recommend reading Blue Moon first.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Pam.

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