by Kathie DeNosky

May 2002
ISBN: 0-373-76439-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1439
Mass Market Paperback

Cassie Wellington, a young widow has come to the Lazy Ace, along with her twin daughters and best friend Ginny, to start a new life and build a future for her girls. Her late Uncle Silas has left her part ownership of the Lazy Ace Cattle Company. She has an elderly business partner by the name of Logan Murdock. The old Victorian two-story house is huge and she figures the two of them can share it quite comfortably. Besides the lonely old guy would probably relish the company.

While exploring the second floor of the old house she literally stumbles over a naked man in the old-fashioned claw footed bathtub. Finding herself quite embarrassed, she quickly flees to a safer room in the house, the kitchen. The man grabs a towel and goes after this intruder. Pretty though she is, he's out to find out just who has barged into his house.

Thinking him one of the ranch hands Cassie politely tells him that he can bathe in the bunkhouse along with the other hands. He informs her that he is Logan Murdock, the owner of this house and just who the heck is she? She informs him that she is Cassie Wellington and she owns half of the place. Logan couldn’t believe that Cassie wasn’t the elderly widow Wellington that he assumed, and Cassie couldn’t believe Logan wasn’t the old lonely man who would be grateful for her family’s company. Well, I think you get the picture of this mistaken identity by both owners.

What will happen? Will confirmed bachelor Logan Murdock make room in his bachelor digs for this sweet widow and her darling daughters? Will Cassie turn Logan's bachelor digs into a real home for them all? You'll have to buy the book to find out because I have basically only told you about what happens in the first chapter of this special book.

I have followed Kathie DeNoskey's writing career from the beginning and she just keeps getting better and better with every book. The best books for me are those that I pick up and can't put down until I get to the end. Cassie's Cowboy Daddy is such a book.

Ms. DeNosky, you had me from the bathtub scene, which only whets the appetite for more, and you wouldn't let go until the end. Cassie and Logan had that chemistry we readers love from the first pages of the book. To say Logan was a flirt and a charmer is a very big understatement. He made my heart melt and is just the kind of hero I love to find in my books. He talks tough but is really a sweetheart of a guy. Cassie is a young woman who is afraid to love again after being married to a self-centered husband. Nonetheless, she finds herself drawn to Logan and believing that happily ever after might be for real and not just a fairy tale.

Ms DeNosky adds an excellent secondary story of Ginny, Cassie's friend, and Hank, Logan's ranch foreman, to the mix to round out the book. Cassie's twin daughters, Chelsea and Kelsie also add to the story and this pair will melt your heart.

Cassie's Cowboy Daddy is one of the best category books I have read in a long while. Kathie, I eagerly await your next release, until then, Cassie and Logan have become my favorite of your remarkable couples.

Reviewed in March 2002 by Barbara.

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