by Jaci and CJ Burton

November 2004
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The world is a much different place since the alien wars. Once the aliens took over seventeen years ago, they outlawed alcohol, drugs and all personal human contact - the aliens have taken all basic freedoms away from the human race.

Elexis (Lexi) works for GIS (Government Internet Security), which means she works for the aliens. Itís her job to help keep the internet safe from hackers and The Underground. She believes everything she has been told by the aliens because thatís all she knows. She was too young to remember what things were like before the wars. Cade is a hacker and part of the Underground, those that remember what life was like before the aliens and wants that way of life back! They are working in secret in order to recruit others that remember or just donít like the way things are now with one goal in mind Ė overthrow the aliens and get back the freedoms and way of life humans should have.

They ďhook upĒ on-line for cybersex quite by accident. Lexi is looking for it after a very rough month and Cade was just hacking into the system. However, itís not like any experience Lexi has ever had and is dismayed that immediately after, she gets called to her supervisorís office. Thatís when she discovers Cade is part of the Underground and she is assigned to bring him in. Cade has different ideas.

They break the law and the first time, Lexi is very confused and yet ecstatic about the lovemaking Cade has shown her. How can she bring him in? The next night, they meet again and Lexi needs to feel alive again. Afterwards, Cade shows her some horrific things that the aliens have been doing, while they are telling Lexi something else. Right then, the unthinkable happens. How are they going to both get out alive?

Tangled Web by Jaci Burton and CJ Burton is an intriguing look into a possible future that, frankly, terrifies me! Itís a very well written book showing Lexi as a very naÔve yet sensual woman and Cade as just the man to teach her. The aliens were creepy as all get out Ė Iíd love to read of their eventual downfall. Looking for a quick, scorching read? Grab this book Ė you wonít regret it!!

Reviewed in May 2005 by PamL.