by Rosanne Bittner

January 2005
ISBN: 0-373-78532-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Steeple Hill
Mass Market Paperback

Clarissa Graham has just been left high and dry by her husband Chad as he left town with a woman Clarissa thought was her friend, Susan. Susan left a note for her mother stating her and Chad were in love and she was expecting Chadís child. Clarissa has to face facts, Chad only married her because of her fatherís dry good store, once they were married, the store ownership transferred to Chad. Chad has also filed for divorce and sold the store out from under Clarissa. How will Clarissa support herself and her small daughter, Sophie? What will she do?

Lieutenant Dawson Clements needs a fresh start. He has had too many tragedies to continue with his military career. He decides to lead a wagon train to Montana - Clarissa, Sophie, and a couple which are Clarissaís dearest friends. Carolyn and Michael Harvey, are a part of the wagon train.

Clarissa and Dawson are both drawn to each other, however, there are problems they both have to overcome before there can be a future for them. For Dawson, he needs to forgive and let God back into his life. For Clarissa, she needs to learn to trust men again, she also has to think what is best for Sophie.

Will they be able to overcome these problems and begin a new life as a family in Montana?

This was a special treat to read. Rosanne Bittner is a highly talented author. If you have read any of Ms. Bittnerís previous books, you will not be disappointed with this one.

Reviewed in December 2004 by Pat.

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