by Elaine Corvidae

April 2002
ISBN: 1-931696-43-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Novel Books Inc.

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Tyrant Moon is an intensely compelling novel written with style. Elaine Corvidae gives us the story of two polar opposites: a warrior, who’s seen too much killing and is working to make restitution for her past deeds, and a scholarly mage who was once the most powerful of all his people, but now a shell of a man using all of his incredible power to fight a life destroying spell cast upon him.

Both Arrow and Thraxis are people you want to know. As their tale progressed I found myself pulled deeper and deeper into their world and, quite frankly, resentful of outside intrusions. Arrow has endured so much in her short life. Scorned and dismissed as a child, she has worked hard to gain the respect of her kinsmen. One of the toughest decisions she has ever made was to turn her back on the life she’d been trained to lead and to try to right the wrongs she and her kinsmen have wrought.

Thraxis is a contradiction. He is, at turns, coolly arrogant and surprisingly vulnerable. He believes in the existence of one’s true love but he’d never admit to that out loud. Growing up in a cold sterile environment where his power was held in high esteem did not make him into the man he is. Where Arrow was raised to understand violence, he was raised amongst people who deplore violence and have vowed to harm no other.

But Thraxis is dying and his power is inaccessible to him in large amounts. His usefulness to his people is coming to an end. When Arrow shows up to gain his aid in defeating a common enemy, he agrees to help and the two of them embark on a journey that will forever alter their lives.

I loved watching these two become friends and fall in love. Each had felt alone for so long that they needed each other. Thraxis becomes less rigid and learns to open up his heart to another. Arrow comes to terms with her past and starts to heal wounds that go way beyond the physical.

The secondary characters in this book are, most certainly, memorable and they’re important to the progression of the story. No wasted people here. The descriptions of the land and the people made it all come alive for me. The plot progressed evenly and was easy to follow and thoroughly engrossing.

While the story was progressing, the author also told the story of the events that lead up Arrow to seek out Thraxis in the first place. My one and only criticism of this work is that the retelling of Arrow’s initial journey occasionally interrupted something much more interesting. And once Arrow had explained to Thraxis and their traveling companion Viabold what had happened to her and her people, the flashbacks were no longer needed and served to hinder the story more than it aided in its progression. However, the story was good enough to overcome this small irritation and well deserves the rating I gave it.

I fully recommend Tyrant Moon to romance readers - especially those who enjoy the fantasy or paranormal sub genres.

Reviewed in March 2002 by JaToya.

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