by Kathryn Smith

February 2005
ISBN: 0-06-074066-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Kathryn Smithís newest novel, In the Night, continues the escapades of the Ryland brothers. This time it is Wynthrope Ryland who makes the plunge into love. Wynthrope is an experienced thief, but he has long ago left that world behind him when he meets Widow Moira Tyndale, a viscountess with an attitude that catches his attention. As the two begin to develop a romance, Wynthrope is forced back into the thieving life he left behind him in order to protect his family name and his brothers from scandal. As the story progresses, the reader discovers that Wynthrope has been asked to steal from Moira and must make the most difficult decision, the woman he loves or the family that has always stood by him. Well, readers I am not going to give this one away but lets just say the story will take you for a very entertaining ride.

Smith is one of my favorite authors, and she does not disappoint in this novel. In the Night is full of wonderful characters, a steamy romance, and best of all, it leaves the reader feeling good after a very nice happy ending. The Ryland brothers are as enticing as ever and continue to capture the readerís attention with their antics. The love between Moira and Wynthrope is turbulent and endearing as these two strong minded people learn how to put pride aside for love. The villain is one that you will truly love to hate, and you canít help but cheer when the Ryland brothers swing into action to bring this villain to his knees. The historical setting in the novel is wonderful and well done, and my advice to you, dear reader, is to run out right now and indulge yourself in the world of the Ryland brothers.

Reviewed in January 2005 by Jen.

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