by Shirley Jump

March 2005
ISBN: 0-8217-7692-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Why does it seem that whenever a reunion is approaching, we feel the need to lose weight? To try to look the same as we did in school. Well, Maria is facing that now, the need to lose weight before the big day.

Maria joins a weight loss group, Chubby Chums. The group is a bunch of nutcases it seems. They give group hugs, trying to support each other. Well, some of the others are just downright rude and nasty.

But guess what is across from the meeting place? An Italian restaurant, one of Mariaís big weaknesses (along with snack cakes). It seems the restaurant holds another weakness and temptation in the form of Dante, the owner.

Maria and Dante are attracted to one another from the beginning but Maria tries to resist. Dante is plenty persistent, showing up at her place at all hours of the night and even going to her parentsí house.

There are more forces at work trying to bring Dante and Maria together than just Dante. Mariaís mother plays matchmaker whenever she can and even wants to make Dante a special "wedding" soup. We have Franco, who has known Dante almost his whole life. Franco works at the restaurant as well and has his own special way of trying to put the two of them together.

Can these two really not be destined to be together? We have forces all around them, cheering them on. The Devil Served Tortellini will keep you turning the pages not only for the recipes at the beginning of some of the chapters and the witty advice/sayings thrown in, but you also get to see what a person goes through while trying to diet. Shirley Jump has given a few characters that leave lasting impressions after you close the cover.

We also see a return of Rebecca and Candace from The Bride Wore Chocolate. Iím hoping we will see a few more characters in the following books. If you have a few hours for some laughs, trying to outmaneuver some matchmakers and trying to stay away from all the bad and good stuff for us, then pick up The Devil Served Tortellini, you wonít be disappointed.

Reviewed in May 2005 by Pam.

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