by Karen Whiddon

February 2001
ISBN: 0-505-52432-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Dorchester Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

I originally chose this book because of the blurb on the back cover. It just sounded so great that I couldnít help but purchase the book. Unfortunately, it wasnít what I was expecting.

Starting with Megan, I had a difficult time getting into her character. For one, she starts off with a pretty stupid move. You have a fiancťe who is physically abusive and keeps pushing you to make him the benefactor of your will. So, yes the bright thing to do would be to attempt to break off the engagement in a seemingly isolated spot. I have to say seemingly, because it isnít made clear that the spot is uninhabited by other people but it certainly gives that impression. It also makes clear that Megan knows what she is doing is dangerous which doesnít make her seem any brighter. Luckily, kind of, destiny strikes before Megan can end the relationship with Roger and whisks her away to a time centuries past and to the man fated to be the other half of her heart.

Kenric is actually a pretty cool character. Itís made clear in the very beginning that all he wants in life is to honor the memories of his slaughtered family on his human fatherís side. Itís also made clear that he wants nothing to do with his motherís faerie side. Or the magic that he has inside him. Unfortunately, the fate of the faerie folk- and indeed the world- rests on his shoulders. And what broad, capable shoulders they are! Kenric is, of course, honorable, compassionate, and loyal. Heís also disillusioned and lost. He no longer expects much from life. His one desire is to own land and continue his fatherís line.

So, when Megan and Kenric meet things get a little weird because Megan is determined to think sheís dreaming, and Kenric doesnít know what to think, except that his sister, the current Queen of the faerie folk is trying to set him up with Megan. Megan convinces Kenric that sheís a lost noblewoman and that if he returns her to her betrothed, Lord Roger, he, Kendric will be rewarded with lands of his own. Well shoot, I normally root for the heroine in romance novels, but she just messed up everything with that!

Not only does Roger not exist in that time, but sheís playing with the heroís emotions unnecessarily. From there, the plot just went further down hill for me. What made it passably acceptable is the element of magic. That and an allusion to a big magical battle kept me reading this book. The magical battle did, in fact, transpire between Kenric and the evil mage - but that didnít make things any better. Nor did the elements of love that the author placed throughout the book; the message being that love is the greatest magic of all and can over come all things. Great sentiment but the delivery was off.

The thought that with all this magic at their fingertips, and the hint that Megan would be traveling back to the future at some point, thus Roger would get the thrashing he deserves, was another incentive to finish the book. Alas, Megan does return to the future for a brief period of time. She stands up to Roger once in a very anticlimactic scene. Then when Kendric comes to get her and they have the opportunity to make this book worth the timeÖ nothing. Yeah, yeah the author tried to sum it up and the characters make predictions that Roger will have a hard time of things but itís just not the same. I actually wanted to see him get stomped or, at the very least, see some kind of revenge exacted on him. I really disliked being cheated out of that little bit of retribution.

Kenricís sister, Rhiannon, got her own bit of love in this book, and that was nice. Kenric learns some magic, and that was nice. But nothing in this book made it a big winner.

Reviewed in March 2002 by JaToya.

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