by Kate Walker

August 2003
ISBN: 0-373-12339-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #2339
Mass Market Paperback

Megan is in a predicament and not sure exactly what she is going to do. Megan made a mistake by seeing a married man, only she didnít know it at the time and now she finds herself pregnant. She has missed her last two periods and the home pregnancy test came out positive, but she hasnít seen a doctor yet to confirm this. The guy she was seeing doesnít want anything to do with her or the baby. She was just a fling, while he was a visiting professor at her school. The person Megan has loved for years was Cesare. But he hurt her one too many times and she had had enough. This is what led to her affair.

Cesare has loved Megan since he first saw her years ago. But he is older by several years and he was just waiting for her to grow up, before he made his feelings known. He finally decides to tell how he feels when he hears about Megan and her current situation. Cesare has a few secrets of his own that he has made with Meganís father and he canít reveal any of them to Megan, which makes his feelings for her all the more harder.

Megan does get her wish of marrying Cesare but the conditions of which it happened wasnít the best. Even though Megan doesnít keep any secrets from Cesare, Cesare is still keeping a few from Megan. Can Meganís past be kept in the past or will it come back to haunt her and Cesare?

Ms. Walker has given us a delightful story. Megan and Cesare both fought their attraction to each other. There are still misunderstandings between Cesare and Megan and with his promises to Meganís father. They slowly start to realize the feelings they have for one another and maybe; just maybe, the marriage will work. There are numerous ups and downs and it takes two strong people to weather them out. Ms. Walker was able to pull me into The Sicilianís Wife, she lets us see what Megan and Cesare are thinking and feeling and this is one thing I like to see in any story.

Reviewed in October 2004 by Pam.

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